Your data is growing every day, and moving that data around your WAN for migration, replication, or backup needs is becoming increasingly difficult, even with fast gigabit networking in place. WANFast can help you improve WAN data transfer speeds to ensure you are getting the performance you paid for.  WANFast's file transfer and backup applications, wcp, wftp, and wgui, provide fast file copy and block level synchronization over the WAN at speeds up to 100X faster than your current solution.  They support both Windows and Linux, and can copy files between them without losing any file attributes or settings.  

By reducing bottlenecks and increasing overall efficiency, WANFast makes moving data between servers, sites, and cloud services in your WAN environment faster and more efficient, shrinking maintenance windows, streamlining projects, and reducing costs.  See How it Works.

Now with Continuous Replication

WANFast Continuous Replication monitors your file systems and copies all changes to a remote machine.  Copy whole volumes or selected directories.  Copy in real-time or at configured intervals.

Free License for Three Machines

Take a 30-day Free Trial and complete a Beta Feedback Form to receive a free perpetual license good for one server and two clients.